7/10-11 Camping Trip Marion

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    We decided at the last minute to make one more camping trip before football season. Hit Pine Island with the men of the immediate family Friday about noon and set camp. I first noticed how clear the water was. I was amazed because of all the rain we have had. We had a great time and the weather was good but the fishing was horrible. Pine Island has a great camping sandbar and good swimming for my 5 year old but the fishing is bad there for some reason. We soaked a dozen rods for two days with every assortment of bait known to man and managed one flat about ten pounds and about a dozen gar. I have to find a new spot. Mayfly hatch was on on Friday evening. Lake seemed to be less congested than normal. Good times with my boy and his uncle and grandpa.
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    Thanks for the report, glad you had a good time with the family...its always nice to spend time with your kid, whether or not the fish are cooperating...:big_smile:

  3. there is a nice spot for camping behind(southside) of Island 16 on marion.
    Island sixteen is out from rock pond and It's a popular camping spot and theres good fishing from the sandy point. theres a nice steady slope from the beach w/ deep water w/in casting distance.Get there early to claim the spot whenever/if you go.
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    Glad the 5 year-old wasn't eaten by a gator but sad to hear the fish didn't work with you.