7-07-07 Tuscarawas River Cats

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    i fished the Tusc River last night for the TCBA catfish tournament series. i tried a new area that i hadnt fished since i was about 10 yrs old (i'm 37 now). it is a DEEP outside bend in the river with a lot of large concrete slabs dumped into the water and along the banks. i was pretty confident that it would hold fish, so after getting permission from the new land owner, i fixed up the old dock that was there and did some weed eating and got it ready to fish !! well i wasnt disappointed, i fished from 6 pm till 1145 pm and landed 3 nice channels for a total weight of 11 lbs 5 oz and ended up taking 1rst place in the tournament. i caught all 3 fish on different baits, one came on a live creek chub (about 5 inches long), one came on a CUT creek chub and the other fish hit on chicken breast soaked in anise oil !!! my buddy chuck, who fished with me landed 2 flatheads ................a 8 lbs 13 oz..........and a 7 lbs 3 oz !! im thinking this hole will hold some BIG flatties .......cant wait to fish it again !!!:big_smile: