66 merc 9.8hp help please

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    Graham, Texas,
    ok i broke the swivel bracket on my motor and replaced it no problem but now i cant get the transmission to go back into place and the top oil plug looks to have been completely sealed shut how can i fix this so i can get my motor running again
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    Take the plug wires off and ground them, better yet remove the plugs too and it's be easier to turn over especially later when you check to make sure the shift linkage is correct

    Get the lower unit shaft in position

    Have someone jiggle or turn the flywheel so the splines line up and it slips in

    Also never put too much grease on the splines, a very thin layer is all that's needed, if you get too much it'll create a 'backpressure' making it hard to insert but also puts a load on the bottom bearing in a direction opposite of the side it's designed to be loaded from which can cause premature wearing and failure

    Also after you get bolted back up check to make sure it shifts correctly, you don't want it to be in forward or reverse when you start it up because it only looks like it's in neutral.

    I'm not sure what the '66 looks like but mine has two upper plugs, the larger one is plastic and is a vent for flushing the water passages and the smaller one is the actual upper grease plug for the transmission

    You may want to learn how to change the lower unit grease, they only hold a few ounces so a quart lasts a couple of seasons even when you drain and refill 3 or 4 times a season like I do ... Grease is cheap, lower unit repairs aren't

    The most important tip I can give you is GET THE MANUAL, every car, truck or boat motor I've ever owed I've gotten a manual for it, it'll save you a lot of time, down time and heartache and costs less than an hour's labor at a boat shop

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    Like John said GET THE MANUAL if you are gonna work on your own motor the best thing to do is get a manual for your motor. You can easly make a mistake and your motor is trash.
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    Brandon if you are refering to the flat head screw in the lower unit There should be two of them. You most likely will have to go buy a manuel impact screw driver. They don't cost much. Be sure to pick you up the round nylon seals that go behind them. That is the first place to get water intrusion.