60 hp johnson

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    I copied this text from a post I made a couple of days ago in a different place. Hoping more people might see it here. (thanks to those who replied) I got an aluminum boat with an 1988 60 hp johnson on it...

    "One other thing on this boat I wanted yall input on... it's got a 60hp Johnson on it(1988 model). There's a separate reservoir for oil so mixing oil/gas is not necessary. However, the guy I got the boat from warned me that the oil pumps are notorious for going out and that I wouldn't know it wasn't working until the engine blew up. So he mixed 50:1 in the gas AND put oil in the oil reservoir. What are yalls thoughts on this? Isn't it too much oil? What if I just always mixed 50:1 and said to heck with the oil reservoir? Is that a bad idea?"
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    I'd say it's very well lubricated. Later Andy

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    Disconnect the oil tank and plug the line from the tank to the pump and pre mix you own oil or use the oil tank don't mix it and run the oiler.