60 hp johnson 1970

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    I have a 1970 Johnson that is giving me fits. I get it started and running fine out of the water. When I put it on the water it will start and flood out everytime, then I can't get it started again unless I unplug the gas. Then it won't restart at all. The obvious choice is carburator float is stuck but I just rebuilt them 2 years ago and checked and cleaned them last year and everything was good. My thought is electrical. So far I replaced the power pack due to wires touching each other at the base. I also checked the gaps at the points and they were to spec. Any help is appreciated.
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    First question... what is the compression. Makes a BIG, BIG difference in the operations of an outboard. Second question... have you made a link and sync adjustment on the carbs? The need to be tuned up, so to speak, so they will run right and idle properly. and, as a statement... a carb rebuild two years ago means nothing now...the boat has set up for a while and many, many things can go wrong. So, if it is not running right, it is probably a fuel issue, and if it is fuel, nine out of ten times it is in the carbs. If it is not running, think about rebuilding those carbs again.