6 pt. floating at wateree

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    a friend of mine took this pic a couple weeks ago down at wateree it had drowned in the fog he said it did not have a mark on it and it had not been there long the eyes were clear. he said the fog was so bad you couldn't see your hand in front of your face:sad2:

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    wow thats cool I have never thought about a deer drowning from not being able to see across the river we saw a nice 8pt dead on the side of the canal in front of hills one time dead dont know cause of death I have saw alot of deer cross the wateree river in the running water so they got to be a strong swimmer thanks for the awsome post suprized its not another 60lbs plus fish lol:big_smile:

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    Members of my family would call that a floating buffet! :eek:oooh:
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    I saw a smallish buck drown once that had been chased by a pack of dogs. I was deer hunting the edge of a swamp and a heard a commotion coming from the swamp. I waited and saw 4 does run by me. After hearing dogs barking and a deer bleating for several minutes and seeming not to move, I snuck up to find 4 dogs harassing a small buck. I ran the dogs off and waited for the exhasted deer to recover. The exhasted deer eventually slid into the water and drowned. This deer had hair missing where the dogs had been biting him (mostly the backs of his legs) and your drown deer had no marks on him. However, your deer may have been exhausted from running from some predators and couldn't make it across the water to excape. Just an idea.
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    hey do you think dieter shot one for bait for the tx is that fair just picking bob
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    This deer tried to swim across Mt Island Lake on a clear fogless morning after I put an Easton Axis shaft with a Wensel Woodsman through both lungs. Needless to say it didn’t swim far but I did have to get my Kayak to retrieve it. I found out later in the day that Buckedup was catching bait 300 yards from it as I was going after the kayak. I’m glad he didn’t see it because he may have claimed it.

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