6 hp mercury

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by schuetz, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. schuetz

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    i have a 1995 6hp mercury. it just started acting up. starts and idles fine, but when you throttle up, theres nothing there. it dies if you dont throttle down. the kicker is that it only does it about every 3rd time out. never will do it twice in a row. good plugs, wires, new gas, seafoam, new fuel filter and i even cleaned out my gas tank, which was only 3 months old. any ideas?
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    Speaking in general, you might check the throttle linkage and the carburetor. Perhaps there's something sticking when it's not supposed to, or something that is worn, or not quite connected correctly.

    -- Rich

  3. Bubbakat

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    Sounds like it is starving for fuel.

    Check all your connections and from the pickup tube all the way to the carb
    It can't have any leaks as it will make it suck air. Have you tried to pump the bulb while trying to throttle it up.
    Do a spark test and you can't do that by grounding the plug to the motor either you need a spark tester. If you can locate one run it by a shop and see if they will test the spark for you real quick.
    Make sure the fuel tank vent screw is open to.