6 gar in one day while catfishing.

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    On Friday 7/3/09, I caught 3 gar and my dad caught 3 gar while catfishing. We had never caught that many in our entire lives, so this was my first time getting a lot of experience with them. Mostly caught them on cut herring, 1 or 2 were on crawfish. Probably had at least that many more that didn't get hooked.

    The ones I caught were mostly small. One jumped completely out of the water. That made me think I had a largemouth - I was truly disappointed when I got it to the boat. My dad caught one that was probably close to 5 feet long. It made a complete circle around the boat. There was no question what he had when it started running - nothing else in that river will run like that. Several of them acted like they were trying to jump in the boat.

    We've had run-ins with gar before using cut bait in shallows, but most of the time they don't get hooked or they come off half way to the boat. It was just strange to get that many to the boat. Most of them came out of the shallows, but some came from out of the deep water. We've never hooked any in the deep water before.

    We still wound up with plenty of catfish though, nothing big, just good eaters. Then Saturday we actually had more catfish and went the entire morning without the first gar hookup. There were a couple of runs that might have been gar but we weren't sure.
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    sounds like you have a good night all the way around those gar are a blast to catch when ya can get a hook to stick the bigger gar are usually in deeper water i've found my largest gar came about 2ft off bottom in the deepest part of the area we were fishing but great night man

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    The best way to eliminate the gar problem is go fishing for them!!:smile2::wink:Then all you will catch is those pesky catfish.Worked for me for years!!!:big_smile::tounge_out::wink: