6/7 LKN Report

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    I got out on the lake about 5:30. My first stop was at the skimming wall for bait. One cast and I had enough shad for the day. Bait was everywhere. I knew I had a window until about 11:00 before the boat traffic would make fishing impossible.

    I took the thinthreads and cut them long way in half. I also had a couple of big gizzards which I used the heads and the strips.

    The water was as high as I have seen it in years (dirty too). My first stop was to slow drift across the points on the two southern most islands. I picked up two blues. One was caught off a planer board I had out on a free line. I went down to Rocky Creek and drifted the old road that goes across the channel, picked up 3 blues. I lost one that had some size, it was hard to tell how big due to the fact it was hooked on one of my soft striper rods.

    The last stop was from the green channel marker to the mouth of the creek. This drift picked up 1 big perch, 1 flathead and 1 blue. It was getting warm and close to 11. The boat traffic was picking up so it was time to go. In all a great morning. I would guess if we could get a few days with out rain it may help the fishing. Saturday was a full moon so my expectations were low. Regardless of the catch it was great to be on the water.