6/30 weekend

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    Well I was out all night friday. It took 6hrs before my first run at 3am. Missed the fish but about 10mins later hooked into the hardest fighting 25lber I have ever caught. Then and hour later hooked into another 25lber.

    Sat night was out and the spot I wanted to fish had people on it so we had to go to another spot I didnt want to fish but my buddy managed his first flattie, it only took him 2yrs to catch his first flattie and it was a monster 5lber!:lol:

    Sun. night, a couple of friends and I bushwacked back to this spot. I missed two runs. The second run I thought I snagged a frieght train, my clicker was just squeelin but I never was able to get a hook into the fish. My buddy Chris caught the only fish of the night a 7lber.

    1st 25lber friday night
    2nd 25lber friday night
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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Nice fish Rob...sounds like your having some fun!:big_smile:

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    Nice fish! Thanks for the update and pictures. I haven't been out in a couple weeks and am really getting the itch!