6-12 or 18 inch leader line???

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by Goldenshinner, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Goldenshinner

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    ok i am somewhat currious what other fanatics think the ideal leader or shock coard should be(as far as length goes). often i just want a heavy first few inches of mono to act as protection durring the abrasive battle, but i can see that the length of this line affects both the motion, position in the water columb, and the tendancy to snag up. what sayeth the board????
  2. catchinghogs

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    I dont like the longer leader it makes casting bigger baits a lot harder for me.

  3. jagdoctor1

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    Since I am usually fishing up agains rock banks I find that longer leaders give my bluegill the ability to swim into the rocks and lodge himself I usually use 6-8 inch leaders on a 3 way breakaway system and once it settles i give it some time in a spot then pull it closer to the rocks a little at a time until I think it is too close. That is usually where I end up catching my fish. Long leaders are ok for lake or backwater fishing but not for what i do I want that bluegill struggling to get to those rocks and not actually getting in them.
  4. Goldenshinner

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    while i can see that , for me, at least. if im so lucky to be able to offer a big bait, i try to use a long leader, say 18 or maybee 24inches. and let that babby swim!!!!!!!!oh yeah! now that thought gives me a rush! might i suggest perhaps heavier longer gear. you might look at the midium to high end carp rods, they are designed often to cast 16oz+ baits. a 12fter also acts like a surf rod for increased distance! and often you can simply place your bait were you want and use it to hold the bait in place! two rods and your spread accros both sides of the river!(small river)just my 2cents