5hp briggs and stratton

Discussion in 'Boating' started by bigzurn08, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. bigzurn08

    bigzurn08 New Member

    They have a new one up where I work, it's the display model, they quit carrying them in the store. Store director offered it to me for $200.
    I'm also buying a 15x42 jon boat.

    I know it's a small outboard, It's air-cooled, and it's loud.
    But i've paddled and I've used a trolling motor. I've also dropped my paddle, and drained my battery. So to me it looks like a good deal, I just would like to find someone that has one. Thanks
  2. smokey869

    smokey869 New Member

    my neighbor has one its a little loud and a bit tempermental to get into n to start but has never not run well, he has a small 12 ft it pushes it just fine, he has had it for 4-5 years , replaced plug and muffler and serviced lower end only so far, sounds like a deal to me

  3. cantstopgrandma

    cantstopgrandma New Member

    For $200 i would at least try it. I've wasted more money than that on less useful stuff. If you dont like it, I would say you could get your money back out of it even if you used it for a year (providing you keep it looking decent and take care of it). Heck for that little bit of money, if you used it a whole bunch for 1 year i'd say you got your money out of it, and i'll bet you'll get more than 1 year out of it. Nice thing about those is they dont need water to cool (think shallow water running), and just about anyone can work on the motor.
  4. Brentkeele

    Brentkeele New Member

    Nokomis, Illinois
    I have one that I bought new several years ago. It's hanging in my garage and I'm considering using it as an anchor!!!! I'm not trying to talk you out of it, especially for $200, I just did not have a lot luck with mine. I take that back, I had a LOT of luck, it was just bad luck. I found that if the boat sat outside during a rainstorm then I would have to change the oil in the motor as it would be milky from the rain. There were several other quirks that made owning this thing less than pleasurable to own.

    Anyway, good luck and enjoy your new motor. I think mine might have been a lemon as I have seen several others out there without a problem. After all, how often does your 5 hp briggs law mower motor let you down. I'm betting not very often, that is what prompted me to purchase the one I did. Also on the plus side is the fact that you will never have to put an impellar in it!!:wink: