5600cl rocket

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by vlparrish, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. vlparrish

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    I recieved a 5600cl rocket as a Christmas present from a loved one. This reel is obviously to small to use in the type of catfishing that I am accustomed to, due to the small amount of line capacity. What do you guys suggest that an avid catfishermen does with a 5600cl rocket? I was thinking of loading it with 10 or 12lb test and using it to catch skipjacks, due to the fast retrieve. What do you guys think? Vern
  2. stickthrower

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    Possum Kingdom Lk, TX
    Personally I would fill the spool with 17-20# line and use it for a channel cat reel or else for bait fish with lighter line. It would make a dandy panfish reel! Or Heaven forbid Ba$$. :)

  3. Vacatfisher

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    they are excellent reels and if yu filled it with braid(if you like braid), put on a power handle and put some lower gear ratio gears in there itll do just fine on the biggest of cats....
  4. coolbig2

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    Some of carp guys really love the rocket series. They are a dream for paylaking, especially when a big pot is up for grabs. I personally use the TCCM-carp series, but my dad picked up a couple of the pro-rockets from a guy who didnt pick them up (he used to work with my dad, in a different section of duke power. He bought the reels from one of my dad's friends, and when my dad was going to give them to him, the guy had just quit and left work).

    I think you'll find that reel spooled with 12lb line on a decent m or mh action rod will suffice for most of your bait needs. Be it suckers, chubs, small to medium carp, bullheads, bream, etc. Its a dandy reel though!