55 years old and still a side-splitter

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by sal_jr, Nov 9, 2006.

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    The same ole tooth-gap grin he's had on his face for so many years... and still kicking.

    Yep- Alfred E Newman and Mad Magazine turn 55 this year. I am curious- How many of you out there spent a part of your life thumbing through the pages, folding the trifold to reveal the secret image, and following spy vs spy?

    The name is universally recognized anymore by anyone over 25- and by some under the age. Im sure the demographic has swayed quite a bit in the last generation to the older folks who actually knew life before electronic reality. The likelihood is that the television show is more recognizable to this generation... that and the occasional Mountain Dew Commercial with the Spy V Spy theme.

    I still grab a copy now and again.

    So how many of you had a subscription as a kid or teen? How many subscribe or buy it say at least once a year?
    I had a year subscription as a kid. I still pick up a copy if I have to be stranded somewhere and there isnt a fishing mag available that I have not read.

    Im not selling it... just asking what your thoughts are on a magazine that was ahead of its time and surely a big influence on comedy as we know it today.

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    Have a subscription?Good Lord,as a kid it would have been eaiser to ask mom for a playboy than Mad Magazine.
    Burned a few batteries in the flashlight reading it at nite.Glad I had an older brother.

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    Seems if memory serves me correctly I even checked out a large one from the school library! Yes it was a funny book to read!:big_smile:
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    You hit the nail on the head Jon my mom thought that mag was a playboy in dusguise i guess but i still managed to get my buddies cast-offs
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    Kathleen G
    Oh yeah and I had forgot the trifold part until you said it thanks for takeing me back a bit
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    Loved that mag, I still have a couple somewhere, and I aint throwing them away. Heck I might have to go find one and read it.