5 hp. Montgomery Wards Sea King

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    I am not the most mechanically inclined person on this site. So, I ask for your help. PLEASE.

    I am by no means inept at fixing things, I change my own oil, do a lot of electrical work, even helped build an electric car. But I am no a mechanic. So:

    I have a 5 hp. Montgomery Wards Sea King outboard motor. My dad bought it in 1971, I think. It has a few hours on it, not a lot, we used it till about 1981, then it sat in his outbuilding till 2002. It was used maybe 5 to 10 time a summer for a few hard days, that was it. Model # J50011060, serial #375871 made by Clinton Engine Co.

    I got it in 2002, cleaned it up a bit and got it to running. It ran ok, not great, but ok till late in the summer of '05 when it just would not start. I tried a couple of things, nothing worked. I put it in the back of my garage and there it sits today. Even when it was running back in '03 and '04, it didn't run good. I would never run wide open. It would troll ok and run up to about half throttle but when you tried to open it up it would flood out.

    I can't really remember, but it seems that it never ran really well for my dad. Not sure.

    I don't have a big boat for it to push. I just have a 12 ft. aluminum jon boat. I have a nice electric trolling motor that I use now, but I would like to get he outboard motor running.

    Any ideas on what might be wrong with it?

    I found a Honda 2 hp. outboard motor on craigslist in Morgantown or $500. I wonder if it would be better to buy this or try and get my old 5 hp. Sea King running?
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    i would clean the carb,put a new sparkplug in and check to see if it is firing.then give it a try.if it still does not run check the compression. good luck.

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    Check the carb, and clean as needed. Should it not have fire it's old enough to still have points. These parts are readily available, but the points are under the flywheel. Should you not have the tools to pull the flywheel any small engine shop can do this. Later Andy