5/31 - 6/1 - Grand River flathead catfish

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    Thursday night was a good one for flatheads on the Grand. We picked up 9 flatheads with the biggest weighing just over 26lbs. We landed a 15 and a couple in the 8-10 range too. It was a toss up between live baits and cut baits. The bigger fish all took live chubs.

    Friday nights trip was cut short by rain but not before we landed 11 flatheads. The first one hit a live chub at 9:45pm and it was a dandy. I never got a chance to get a picture of it or weigh it because I got the hook caught in the net and the fish swam away. I would guess it was in the 25-30lb range. It was a bit larger than the 26lb fish from Thursday night in the 1st picture. We landed an 18lb'er a few minutes later that also took a live chub. A few smaller flatheads took cut bait. We had one more big fish take us into a snag and break off before the rain pushed us off the river at midnight. It was alot of fun to watch a couple kids catch the biggest fish of their lives this weekend.


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    what a wonderful sounding trip. THe fish are great looking and great to see the kids out. Congrats on the fish and keep up the good work. Maybe it was the storm that turned them on?!

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    Sweet pics Dan. Glad to see you are giving the sport a good reputation. I would give my eye teeth for a fish like those and I am not even a kid!
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    Those are some real nice fish. Congrats.
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    Sounds like a good night. I'm looking to get my son out and in to some bigger fish as we learn this catfishing thing. Right now his biggest catch is a 15" largemouth and the time he caught a white bass that was bigger than the couple of crappie i got. He loves to tell those stories!