5/3/07 Santee River, Packs Landing

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    Chesterfield South Carolina
    Fished Wednesday night out of Packs Landing. We caught 12 fish with the biggest one being 13 lbs another 11 lbs a couple around 6 or 7 lbs and rest about 2 lbs. All were caught on shad. All the fish we kept were full of eggs when we cleaned them. Fished 20 to 30 feet water before dark and went to 8 to 10 feet water after dark. went up river from Packs. There were plenty of fish showing on fishfinder just couldn't get them to bite. Also plenty of gars everywhere we went. Had a great trip caught a few fish saw plenty of wildlife. Many thanks to extremecatfishing (Jody Pack) for the tips on where to fish.
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    Glad to know you're having some decent luck up there, Ron. :smile2: