.44 blackpowder revolver

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  1. south_va_fisherman

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    Ok I got a .44 blackpowder revolver over christmas. how many ft-lbs does a .44 cap and ball revolver develop? it uses 25 grains of powder and a .451 diameter lead ball. thanks for the help
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    Depending on the gun strength, it can be loaded to produce more energy then the .44 mag, which produces anywhere from 2200 fps to 3000fps. 25 grains won't do that well but most of them can also shoot cast bullets which are heavier and produce more fps. The size of the cylinder will limit how hot you can load it. Always remember to pack the cylinder with grease to prevent cross ignition to the rest of the loaded chambers.

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    Unless you have a ruger old army you should never exceed 35gr of 3f black powder or pyrodex P or a bullet over 200gr as this can cause the bullet to pertrude from the cylinder and cause a jam. Most revolvers will produce between 150-250 foot pounds of muzzle energy depending on the load. Before you shoot make sure to lube the nipple threads and the cylinder pin so they do not seize up and only use all natural lubes as black powder and petrolium by products do not mix, I personally use crisco as it is cheaper than products sold in the BP market and works just as good.
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    i use crisco on my .44 too. it's an 1851 colt navy (replica, not original). i heard about chain firing and did not shoot it for a while after getting it. got a tube of bore butter and started out shooting cottontails with it. then a friend told me about the crisco, and that has made it a little cheaper. i tell my friends it takes me 8 minutes to load it, and 10 seconds to empty it. what a blast!