#4001 D.A.M.Quick Spinning Reel.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by jdstraka, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Well I have just acquired a #4001 D.A.M.Quick Spinnig Reel made in West Germany.It is a used reel that I purchased on e-bay for 23.00 dollars plus 6.80 shipping,making it a total of $29.80. It has a fue cosmetic skuffs on it but nothing serious.It felt a little stiff so I decided to take it down and clean,oil, and grease it. Well was I surprised when I got inside the reel.This Reel is really well built and the gears are massive no pot metal,or plastic parts.Them Germans know how to make a reel Ths is a Large spinning reel,I feel it should easily handle catfish in the #20 to #30 pound range with no problem.I have another D.A.M.Quick spinning reel that is smaller and have cought tons of #15,#20 pound channel catfish on it while drifting and Never a Problem. I would recomend these reels to the B.O.C. Brothers and Sisters.I am Not Trying to promote these Reels I just Feel they are a Good Product.I have made a couple of mistakes in My life though, But There Both GONE.LOL. Your Friend J.D.
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    jdstraka, I have used DAM reels in the past and found them to be Good as well. I have a couple of their rods and also a Carp Net from them. I have found them to be reliable and well made as well. The only issue that I have is that the U.S. vendors do not sale their products on a normal basis. Overseas mailorders are somewhat of a PAIN! As I am replacing stolen gear from Europe and I am forced to have multiple monetary and hand changes to get what I feel that I need. Good Luck with the reel and let us know how it performs!!