40 HP Mercury question

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by billNpam, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. billNpam

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    I have a 1995, 40 HP Mercury that I have a couple of questions about

    1. It turns 5100 RPM at full throttle and runs 26 MPH with the boat fully loaded is this about average or do I need to change prop?
    2. I have had the carps cleaned, new plugs, new fuel filter but it is still a pain to start on the first start of the day. If I sit for over a hour then back to hard to start. But once started runs like a champ. Any ideas on how to make start easier?
  2. bobs bait

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    north carolina
    i had a 40 hp merc and it had electric choke started real hard when cold come to find out there was a loose plug on the right side was not fully conected when it was pushed all the way in started alot better hope this helps my 40 with gear on a 16 ft bass tracker v ran about 25mph later bob

  3. tofish

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    what size boat are you in? i've had both mercs and johnsons. both were cold to start. my johnson is worse on cold mornings. have to choke the heck out of it, then starts and runs good rest of day. it's on a tracket 17ft semi V and a 40 hp. i can get as average, 26 mph out of it loaded and two people. when by myself and perfect conditions, checked it at 34 once on gps. it runs around 5200 wo but could change prop if wanted to and get more.