4 Large flathead catfish in the back of a pickup truck!

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by jdstraka, May 22, 2006.

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    I have been a mentor all my working life.I like to share the knowledge that I have learned from others and found out on my own. Mostly by trial and error.I have a friend Bob who shares the same . well bob took this guy under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of catching big catfish what to use for bait,what kind of tackle, and some of his honey holes that consistanly produce large flatheads. So this guy shows up at Bobs house sunday around 11am.with Four 40#pound flats in the back of his pickup truck just barley alive.well I ask Bob where he caught them and Bob responded out of some of the places He showed him. Now bob releases all his flats and blues as do I .I could tell Bob wasent happy obout the sisuation seeing those big flats dying, it made me sad. The question I wish to pose is this. at what point do we quite teaching some of these folks when they haven't any respect for those large fish? The man coulden't possiably eat that many pounds of fish in a year. how dose every one else feel about this sisuation. I personaly would of knocked his block off.Bigcatman0816
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    i thank that a picture would have done just fine other than hulling them fish all over the country side to show them off. flathead are kind of like a women you try to use the right bait for them as we try to wear the right cologne to attract a woman. some time you go home empty handed and some times you get lucky and finaly get that one to bite and when you catch it it is you take care of it. you know thay may be ugly thangs but thay sure do look good on the end of your line and if you have no need to eat them thay should be let go so may be you or somone eals can have that hair raseing exsprence as you did.what go's around comes around one of these day he will slip up and become cut bait and that fish will show no mercy as the man he showed dident show any mercy to them. i my self C&R my fish take a pic and put them back asap it takes years for them to get that big. so as for the guy showing them of i would have gave him somthing eals to show of in the color of a black eye.

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    it's sad to see such a limited resource raped for bragging rights, he could have at least donate the meat to a homeless shelter. it's especially disheartening for folks like myself, who are still learning the ways of the flathead. it's hard enough to get seasoned flatmen to show you spots and tricks, without jack#$$e$ like this ruining it for everyone.
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    Some people just dont care, they figure if it's legal it's ok..Just because something is legal, does not mean it's ethical....
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    The answer to your question is as soon as you learn they have no respect....sounds like the horse was already out of the barn by the time you shut the gate.

    But don't give up teaching other people,focus on the ones that turn out good,not everything will turn out 100%
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    ive seem the same thing but with 5 or 6 really large fish. his excuse was i know its wrong but ill probably never see that many big flats again.. pathetic.
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    i had the same problem a few years back and lost a childhood friend to it. it was just like your senereo. he brought a big fish over in the back of his truck for me to photgraph him with it. it was from one of my best spots i had showed him. i told him if he brought another fish like that around,or i herd of it, he would get to see the nurses at the local hospital. thats when i stopped teaching or even talking about the fish there. the last and only guy i have helped since is a boc member,fishgeek. the only reason i helped him was because he is a biologist for the idnr. we have been fishin together for a couple of years now and i have gotten to know him. matt is an ok joe and really cares for this resorce. im glad i opened up to him, he deserves the rite to catch these fish. just because i found one persone that was strait with me dont mean im going to start telling people about the fishing again either!!!! as far as ill get is talking with my brothers n sisters on here about tactics. as long as i live i will never share my spots with anyone any more.

    there was a thread about why not share your spots with others this last winer. i hope those people read this thread and get the picture. there will always be STUPID people that kill trophy fish but it seams to be getting better. catfishermen will evolve like the bass guys did in the 70s. it will take longer though because lets face it, catfish are yummy. lol

    just keep trying to teach the people that cant see the forest for the trees all!
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    I know a few guys that would have broke his jaw if they had seen that
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    That was strictly fishing for ego, not fun. SAD. Showed one friend one of my favorite holes for flatheads. Two nights later he had the area covered with trotlines and limblines. He moved. Thankfully.
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    Most states it is against the law to waste fish and game.peewee-williams
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    Before I say what I want to say, I totally agree that big fish should be released as soon as possible if healthy.

    Now what I really want to get to. Not many years ago, the bass fishing crowd was a happy go lucky bunch of fisherman like we are today. I know, because I was one of them. Then, along came a group called BASS that promoted the sport and good environmental practices, and started the tournament fishing craze. Shortly thereafter, catch and release was promoted heavly and it became politically incorrest to keep a limit of bass for the table. I know, I was right in the middle of this craze. I do believe in conservation and protection of our fish and game.

    Now, I love catfishing as much as anyone. I love being on the river and waiting on the bait clicker to start screaming at me. I love the thrill of catching a 20lb catfish. I also enjoy the thrill of catching a mess of smaller fish. I don't want our sport to get where bass fishing is today. We should promote catch, photograph, and release of trophy sized cats. We shouldn't however condem a guy for keeping a big fish if he wants to. I for one enjoy eating catfish. I have kept large cats and they ended up on my families table and we enjoyed the eating and thanked God for the bounty. I do not agree with keeping every fish one catches. I don't agree with what the guy done by keeping all those large flats. I don't, however, believe we should condem anyone for keeping what he catches as long as it's legal. Heck, emotions overcome all of us from time to time and we make decisions we normally wouldn't make. Like I said above, I love catfishing and I love this sport. Please guys, lets don't get like the bass crowd and start comdeming guys for keeping some fish to eat. Now remember, I am not in agreement with that guy keeping all those big fish. I would't have a problem at all with him keeping the largest of the lot and releasing the others. One trophy for the wall, or to take home for pictures, or even for the table is ok with me and I hope it is with you too.
  12. Gator

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    I have no problem with someone keeping a few in the year to eat but only keep what you can use and turn the rest back. On a good year I will catch some where around 10 to 15 6 foot sharks are better and I love to eat shark. But I will only kill 1 maybe 2 a year for a fish fry. I can see a man keeping 1 maybe 2 big cats a year if he does eat them and puts on a fish fry once in a while but 4 at one time that would tic me off a little bit. Now I know a guy that has 1 or 2 fish fry's a month durring the spring and summer for his family and he keeps about 5 big cats a year but he uses that for there family get to gathers and I have no problem with that but he don't keep more than he can use for a meal or 2. The rest go back. If this guy keeps any more then I would have to say something to him or else give him a good ol country boy lession in respect, if you get my drift.
  13. TDawgNOk

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    Ok, today is just one of those days. No where in this post do I see the statment that the person who had the 4 fish did so for bragging rights. It also doesn't state what he did with the fish. For all any of us know, he skinned them, filleted them, and took them to a homeless shelter to feed the hungry. He could have driven over to Bob's house to see if Bob could help him. What is my point? My point is don't jump on the assumption band wagon just because you personally wouldn't keep a large cat. Some people do and that is their right because it is within the law. Find out facts before you assume that the fish were wasted, or what he was doing with the 4 fish.
  14. Larry

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    Its a shame when that happens.
    You take the time to do the research,prework, trial and error, to learn how and where to catch big cats. Then you want to show off your aquired skill and impress your friends. Only problem is that you make it look way to easy, and your friend has no concept of the amount of time it took you to get to the point where you could catch fish on a regular basis. They only see the lets show up and catch some fish perspective. Not looking at the bigger picture.
  15. RamRod

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    That's why I love the new Ohio law on em! Making it illegal to have more than 1 that size per day.
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    That is just sad. If hey did that to me he would be picking his teeth up. that is just not right. Flatheads are a beatiful thang.
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    Pictures for proof when braging.
    4 fish this size out of the water for very long is _WASTEFUL!!!
    BUT maybe he wasn't tought to respect the resource. This is correctable.
    I share my honey holes but i make sure to infrom the people of my feelings about fish wasting. they usually believe me about the consquences or they learn the hard way. some to eat is ok. I don't eat any catfish i catch.
    I do love to fish for them and respect the fight they give.
  18. Nobody Special

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    If he caught those fish legally and it was legal for him to keep them, then it's his right to do so and no one's business but his own. I don't keep big fish, but if I found them to be tasty, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

    I doubt if he wasted the meat. More than likely he filled his freezer and shared some with some family or neighbors.
  19. catsrking

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    This fella apparently listened & learned about the catchin' part, and that is a good thing. Sounds like he got caught up in the excitement of the catch. Someone previously said this is correctable, and that is right. Some stronger emphasis on CPR is called for in this case if it was not conveyed before hand. Just my humble opinion.
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    sounds like that guy deserves to be tied up and thrown in one of the deep dark holes, a hole that is holding 3 or 4 60 lb flatheads, and a few big blues too...then he would get what was coming to him!! That is total B.S. to kill 4 or 5 trophies like that...I dont understand it..Why wouldnt he want to go back in a few years and catch them again..Dont make sense to me.