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live SHAD! Big catfish like big meals, and few things do more to improve an angler's odds of landing a true trophy cat than baiting up with a big chunk of cut shad or even a live shad
Stringing a worm on a hook is the essence of fishing simplicity. In fact, it almost seems too simple. That said, night crawlers remain some of the finest baits available for coaxing catfish into biting. They smell natural, because they are natural, and they seem to taste mighty good to catfish.
If chicken livers are the best known of all catfish baits, crawfish may be the most overlooked. All major species of catfish feed on crawfish, although most flatheads caught on craws weigh 20 pounds or less
Bluegills are prolly the most used FH bait. It produces lively strikes. Flathead prefer live bait over dead.

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1. Largemouth bass
2. Smallmouth bass
3. Kentucky/spotted bass
4 Guadalupe bass

Anything that has bass in it! Never have use a hybrid/wiper or pure strain striped bass, but someday will.
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