4 days on Table Rock Lake

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by akwolf41, Sep 18, 2005.

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    Kenai, Ala
    Well Gang;

    I am going to Table Rock Lake next weekend to try and help out my Fish off Team. I will get there early afternoon on Friday the 23rd and stay until about noon on the 26th. I am going to try and catch a few Bigguns in some Old Haunts that hold nice sized Flats. If any of you guys wanna show up , we could spend some time trying to slam a few. I may get skunked but I will be fishing some water that I used to fish 12 years ago. I am going to fish the James River Arm at Cape Fair, MO. There is a good boat Ram and Marina at the Cape Fair Campgrounds where I am gonna launch and Camp while I am there. If anyone is interested let me know as I am going to make this trip alone. I will have a Tent big enough for 3 people so all you need is a sleeping Bag and an air mattress if you wanna show up and fish. netting shad should be no problem this time of year and the water temps should be dropping and them Flats should be ready to Pig out. We will see LOL. PM me if you want to show up.

  2. LilRyjoe04

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    Hi Gene. Good Luck on the fishing adventure!! If I wasn't so far away I would make the trip to come and slam a few and catch some hogs. The rain should help the fishing, since I know Missouri got some rain last night. I live in Indianapolis and we got hammered with rain last night that came from there. Good Luck and catch a Hog! ;) Post pics if ya do!!

  3. Chuckb

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    Good luck ol buddy hope you catch a monster. If I could get away I would come meet you man.
  4. fish

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    Gene I know you are going to catch one that will beat your personal best. Go get em you savage.hehehe :p
  5. scout

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    Hey Gene, If I would not be so far away I would take you up on your offer. I have been to Branson a few times and took the duck boat tour on Table Rock Lake and it sure is a pretty lake. Would love to fish it one day. Good luck to you on your fishing trip. :0a22:
  6. lookinfurabiggun

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    Hey gene if you were coming through my neck of the woods on you're way I waould go with ya. God luck fishing, and I hope you catch some bigguns.