4/21/06: Lasalle Lake

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    Didn't even bother checking the river as it was likely still crappy with a high current, so my buddy and me headed to Lasalle Lake for some after school fishing. Nice little drive.

    So we get there and set up shop near a wing dam near the boat launch. He was trying for some B@$$ using some lures (he's young yet, doesn't know exactly how to fish and thinks he's Bill Dance. Give me some time with him ;))
    I started out with worm and some Hawg Wild Dipbait. One monster hit on worm which he never came back for, and nothing on the dip. So I changed my dip over to chicken liver and it was crazy. Bite after bite (No luck though, I think it has to do something with my hook I was using a large treble hook to hold the liver on good)

    He was using a Kale(not sure if I spelled it right) after I convinced him to switch to liver so he'd stop disturbing me with his bass fishing (he kept hitting my lines, he reminds me of a little kid trying to fish :() he starts pulling them in like crazy (I think he caught about 6 while I only caught 2) I eventually caught one when i was reeling in and he took the bait. (I thought I had a snag so I just whipped my pole back and it set the hook in him.. I thought I had broke a tree branch free and was pulling it in hehe) and then I caught another one right before we left since the lake was closing up for the night.

    All and all we didn't catch anything bigger than 1.5 pounds. Going back next weekend, going to use a better set up so I can actually catch some without just ripping it right out of their mouthes. :)