4-18-09 lake fishing,not bad.

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    well i headed out in the morning to go bait fishing and i COUNLD NT hook up, i even try ed 2 diff places. so it was off to the bait store, i HAD to BUY 2 doz shinners, and some shrimp. off to the lake we go me, my wife , and 67 year old dad, well first fish dad got it, he got a 2 lbs flat, on a 3"shinner. that was it for 3 or 4 hours,i tried dif spots and baits,we had sweet corn,liver,hot dogs,shinners,shrimp,stink bait ,wax worms for gills, but no gills, well after trying dif spots and dip baits i finely got a hit ( on a shinner) well that's all it was he hit it and left it , so i reel ed it in and seen he just tore up a lil,so i re hook ed, and cast back out, well he came back and stole it well by this time is thinking man what the hell, and then out of the blue from no where, that a$$ kick en blood pumping sound CL IIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKKK . FINELY A 4 lbs flat, on a shinner. then my last one for the day. i had 4 poles out and my wife was laying around my last one ( not a good idea lol ), all of a sudden the clicker goes off, while i was jumping to the pole i told my wife DONT MOVE ,well as i was saying it she was doing it ( oh sh!! ) well i got to and got my fish 3 lbs flat ( on shrimp ) and yes folks my wife survived the cattle stomp with out even a bump, so that's my day boy s hows ur week end been ?
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    Congrads on the good day of fishin and thank god you didnt smash your wife into the ground that bad..:eek:oooh: