36 inch limit at Santee

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    I have a challenge for everyone if you wish to do so. I have been weighting an record the weights of my fish for years. From where I talk with most the SCDNR Biologist I feel they need help. Our DNR Dept. is hurting for funds to do studies and their jobs all the way. I have had them tell me they wish they could spend the time on the water studying fish at the volume of fish I catch.
    Since there is a 36-inch limit here I have been having to measure fish to make sure I am not over the limits. I love this limit! I have seen fish 18 lbs measure 37 inches, and seen 44 lb fish be only 35 inches. I learned a long time ago you cannot judge the weights by looking at them. Now since I am having to measure them I am now recording weights and lengths. I am going to do this for a year to see how much the weights change from pre-spawn, spawn, post-spawn, summer pull down, and the fall and winter gorge. Once I do this I am going to turn my findings over to SCDNR. All it can do is help them and all of us. We are catching more fish than they can get because of the multitudes of us fishing everyday.
    Let see who gets the longest lightest fish, and the shortest heaviest fish. Now fish from lake system to lake system grows at different rates. SO try to keep records for each lake system. Example: Lake Moultrie fish are differnet from Lake Marion Fish, And they are differnt from Lake Wateree even though it is all the same water system.