35 Hp Evinrude

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    I hope anyone can help. Have 35 Evinrude ran great for the last two years. Lately when I have it at full throttle the motor begans to choke out. The boat starts to lunge foward. The motor sounds as if its starving for gas. When I back off the throttle the boat scoots just fine. As soon as I open her up the motor does it again. Now the motor is doing it at half throttle. I checked everything from the gas can to the fule pump. New line and bulb, new fule line and fuel pump. The motro dose not smoke and starts on the first try. I can run it a full throttle for the first 2 minutes before it starts to act up. Can any think of a solution? The model # 35752C and the serial is E0002023.
    Im good with tools and love to work on things but I need to know what fix or replace before I make things worse.
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    Just look at all things operational without the engine running.

    Advance the throttle and watch what all the linkage is doing. Make sure the carb is opening fully and your timer base, under the fly wheel is moving easily.

    Go over your wiring as you advance the throttle. Make sure it's all ok, no bare wires.

    In other words, give it a good visual inspection.

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    Greg after doing the inspection Bob has suggested and you still have problems it might be worth your while to run some SEAFOAM through the system. This can be found at auto and marine supply stores in most area. $5,99 a can. Follow directions on can. I use this early each season and seems to clean and make the system run well. Hopes this helps. I'm not a mech.
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    Not sure but is this a 2cycle outboard? It sounds like the main jet is starting to get clogged. 2 strokes usually have 2 jets and a needle in the carb. A primary jet for starting/idle and a main jet for full throttle operation. The needle adjusts fuel in the midrange. The needle is seated in the main jet and lets fuel flow from it as the needle is lifted out. Could also be clogged lines, filter, etc. What do the plugs look like?
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    I would say that the float is sinking, if it is metal it may have a leak, if it is balalite it my just started to soak up the gas. Either way the float will not set up as high in the bowl of the carb hence the engine runs out of gas when it requires a lot for an extended period of time.