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300+ and still growing Catfish Rescue

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The Catfish Rescue petition has now grown to over 300 signatures.:big_smile:
I spent several hours going back through all the signature request and adding everyone that I had enough information to add.
If you have signed the petition and do not see your name on the list, there may have been some necessary information not included when you signed the petition. Please be sure to include your first & last names, and your state. If you don't see you name and want to add your name. Please follow the link to sign the petition and enter the necessary information and I will gladly add your support to the list.

As of 1:21 A.M. EST on Feb-16-08 every name that had signed the petition and gave the necessary information has been added to the Catfish rescue petition. I would like to personally thank everyone that has taken the time and cared enough to sign the Catfish Rescue petition.:0a31:
View the current petition list:

Thanks again,
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Me and about everybody I could get to sign are on the list. Thanks for the work you've put in to helping do this!!!:wink::big_smile:
What would be realy good is to have a list of these pay lakes so that decent operators dont suffer from the negative publicity.

I do not condone taking fish from public waters at all.

There are a few catfish pay lakes who do raise their own and have size limits so the fish stocked will grow (of course being fed powerbait pellets and such).

I would just like to know where to take my kids on the rare occasion that I go to a pay lake.
The problem with getting such a list is you will never know where the fish in the pay lake actually came from. If legislation could be passed then it would make it easier to believe the pay lake owners that they raise there fish and they do not come from public water ways.

Ok I understand that.I will check out some of my locals.I do know 1 in WV and 2 in Ohio rob public waters.
I have said it many times, I have over 40-paylakes within an hrs drive of my house...They all stock only trophy fish, and get them from out of state netters.
Dave I have signed the petition again today. The first time it never showed up. Thanks. This is a great cause.
Dave I have signed the petition again today. The first time it never showed up. Thanks. This is a great cause.
I see your information in the signature request. :big_smile: Thanks for signing it again. It will be on the next updated list. I will post when the list is updated again.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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