30 pb striper mrflathead

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by slikk03, May 24, 2009.

  1. slikk03

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    my bro just got a 30 pb striper while flathead fishing, give him props for it on his pm, he wasent able to get a photo but i told him to get a 30 pound pic and put it on there, hes no liar, trust me were coisens, but we are not diehard bass guys, im not into largemouth but i love them stipers, illinois just dont hold alot of big ones , i like big fish, so i target cats
  2. john catfish young

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    Jake ....I spent many years on the banks of Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee fishing for big Stripers with Live skipjacks. They are a blast to catch and great to eat!:cool2:

  3. 40oz

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    Gun Barrel Tx
    Them stripers will give you the fight of your life, real fun to catch. I fish for largemouth during the spring spawn. I do like to catch them but kind of feel they are a little over rated. Pound for pound I think a cat especially a blue or flat can give much more of a fight than a largemouth.
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    LOL I just saw that you made this post.

    Man it was a big shocker though when I got it in, I had no idea what it was. It was swimming fast and just under the surface from side to side ALOT and I could feel that it was big and knew it was no catfish. Sadly I caught it at Conowingo dam 1 week before Striper season was in, i caught it on a live blugill about 6 inches long. There were a couple people that took pics of it on their camera phones and I gave them my email address to send it to me but I never got it. So it just goes down in the books as another fishin story LOL!
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    Congrats Zack. The part of catchin it on a bluegill shhots the theory of "stripers only eat shad". Never did by into that, they are a hog with gills.:smile2: Beaver lake in Ark. has ton's of them and my opinion is your welcome to all of them as long as ya don't stock em in missouri.