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    have a 1998 30 hp yamaha 2 stroke, last used it about 4 weeks ago and it ran fine, but did not want to stay in reverse and when in netural it would bump the foword gears, went out today to check it while the weather sould let me and found that when i try to put it in gear the prop will not engage, i tryed it while it was running and not running, but no forword or reverse, any ideas?
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    Sounds like a problem that I had with my evinrude, it was a clip on a linkage shaft. It was a easy fix after I found out what it was. Follow the linkage and make sure it is all together.

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    Disconnect the shift control cable from the engine, then shift by hand. If it shifts by hand at the motor, you need a new cable or shift control box worked on. If it doesn't shift by hand, then it's in the shift linkage or lower unit.

    That is, if it's a remote set up. You didn't say.
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