3-way Swivels- How To Rig Them?

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by field989, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. field989

    field989 New Member

    east central indiana
    ok i finally found a place that sells them and i bought like 3 or 4 packs of them...

    how should i rig them up..
    anything i should know about them?
    i got 50lb PP for main line and 40lb big game for the leader and i was gonna use 20lb mono for the sinker-sound good?

    but i dont know about the weight

    how long should the line be to the weight and i was thinkin of a 10-18 inch leader

    thanks in advance Jeff
  2. IL Hunter

    IL Hunter New Member

    Normal, IL
    For that I would use a light line on from the swivel to the sinker so that way if you get snagged you can just break off the sinker and not worry about losing all your other stuff.

  3. Taliesin

    Taliesin New Member

    Suonds like you have a good idea about how to do it, though I would use 30# line for the weight leader. that's just me though.

    I fish in an area with a lot of rocks and I want to make sure the bait is clear of the rocks. Because of this I put about 24" of line on the weight side. I use 6" to 8" of line on the hook leader.

    If I wasn't as worried about those rocks, I would use a 12" to 18" line to the weight.
  4. field989

    field989 New Member

    east central indiana
    is a size 1 swivel strong enough... they are fairly big but i dont know...

    well the reason i am gonna use 20lb weight leader is cause i have alot of extra 20lb mono so heck why not...

    thanks jeff
  5. wolfman

    wolfman Well-Known Member

    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    When I use that rig:

    main line 30 lb mono
    hook leader is 50lb mono leader line about 8" w/ 8/0 or bigger circle hook
    sinker line is 20 lb mono fishing line about 20" w/2oz bank sinker
  6. tncatfishing

    tncatfishing New Member

    clk. tn
    Use how ever many fishing poles you can and very your leader length to different depths so you can cover more area.
  7. field989

    field989 New Member

    east central indiana
    ok.... i only got 2 cat poles... but i do have a pretty heavy duty spincaster...hmmmmm its got 20lb fire line..(think this will do)?

    i do got them 2oz bank sinkers though...

    what about tangles... do i have to worry about them?

    im thinkin maybe a 6-10 inch weight line and a 10-13inch leader what about this?... there is no current
  8. katcatchingfool

    katcatchingfool New Member

    when i use three ways the leader line and my hook line are just about the same legnth about 13 to 15 inches long help keep them from tangleing
  9. Mudville

    Mudville New Member

    when i use them i put the sinker on about 6" of line to decrease the chance of snags and tangling. same size leader as any other rig. one thing i do is make sure the weight is on the loop that is not closest to the ground. that's more like a drop shot. what i do is put the line with the sinker on the outside loops so it sits on it's side and that helps the leader and hook float upwards away from the rocks and what not. if there are fish in the area they will smell the bait so i really dont worry too much about getting the bait right next to them.
  10. sds888

    sds888 New Member

    Townville, South Carolina
    I rig it:
    20lb line to the swivel
    20lb line to the hook about 18-24" long with a float on the line to keep it off the bottom
    8lb to the sinker I use a 1 oz sinkerand that line is probabley 1-2 inches long. It is great if you get caught up on the rocks with the sinker because you snap the 8lb line and all you have lost is the sinker not the expensive hook.
    I also use number 1 three ways put this is a little small for me I wish i could find them around here bigger.
  11. Iowa_Josh

    Iowa_Josh New Member

    Central Iowa
    I fish on rocks a bunch. 4" dropper to hook and about 18" to sinker because longer is ungainly and casting it is harder. Bait flys off and things like that.

    But I don't use no 3way walmart special swivels. I assume someone makes a good one but I've never seen it. All I've seen is the little pressed/twisted/smashed pieces of brass colored junk. If it doesn't have a good reputation and a pound rating on it, don't buy it. Also if it is next to "RAY's BABY SHAD" it might not be of quality. Good snaps and swivels don't cost that much.
  12. catseeman

    catseeman New Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Goo advise try them out and find the one that works for you. Buy quaility it would be a shame to lose a PB because of oor qualilty swivels. I haven\t lost a hand full of three ways in a long time.