3 strikes an I'm out at Lake Monticello...

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  1. harper81

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    Summerville, SC
    Strike One...Frozen Bait
    I usually go up to Wateree to get bait then over to Monty to make an attempt at finding something big. Well no bait to be found in my usual spot at Wateree so I stop by Lugoff bait shop and get some frozen herring since it was my only option.

    Strike Two...Wind
    Either it wasn't that windy in Sumter and Wateree or I am just stupid. When I got to Monty it was ridiculous.

    Strike Three...Location
    It seemed like everywhere I wanted to fish there was a sign that said no camping. The whole point of this trip was to take my daughter camping first and for me to fish second. So we ended up over at the little camping area at the Hwy.99 ramp.

    So moral of the story is it was a terrible night other then the fact my daughter had a blast on her first camping trip so it made all the crap worth while. I did manage to catch 4 dinks and I mean dinks. I can't believe that they even fit a 6/0 hook in there mouth. Herring heads must be a dink magnet.
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    Pat Chaney
    Bill, Monty can be a tough lake to fish, from the bank or from a boat, and the wind there sometimes gets pretty crazy :crazy: In this case, tho, I think that your daughter having a good time definitely compensates for the bad fishing luck, because you are creating happy memories for her that will last her a lifetime, and that's what dads are supposed to do. She will grow up quicker that you will expect, so keep up the good work :big_smile:

  3. Gomer

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    BILL chalk it up as a BIG WIN being your daughter had a good time!! You can always go back and fish anytime for you but she'll be grown up and gone before you know it ( ENJOY THE MOMENT ). Look on the bright side you didn't brake anything.
  4. RiverratSC

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    Its great your daughter had a good time. Monticello has its own wind or it would seem that way. It will be dead still at my house and blowing 15 MPH at Monty.
  5. chrisblue

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    Monticello sits pretty high up in the air so it catches more wind than most places.

    Dont give up, you will get a big one soon.