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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by catfishing is fun, Feb 24, 2007.

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    could anyone recommend a good surf rod that is 15ft and breaks into 3 peices, or 10-12ft and breaks into two, i need it to be able to handle 30lb mono, and cast up to 6-8oz. thanks, also i dont want to spend much over 70-80 dollars, thanks for the help


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    I have the dawia elininator in 13' I reallt like it, it can handle 6m oz. weight and pretty good sized bait. it is rated for 1-6 oz. I got mine at wal-mart and it was same price and didn't have to pay shipping.I have never had any dealing with the whoppin stick, but got a ocean master from cabella's and it is rated 2-8 but won't handle anything over 4 oz and get anydistance.I really want to try a ugly stick 12-15 ft. but i hate to pay high dollar shipping.lol boliver
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    Marshall, I'd recommend you take a trip to the nearest Academy store. They have 3 piece rods which are 16' for about 37.00, 15' for about 32.00, 14' for about 27.00. These are probably not the type of rods your gonna leave to your grandkids some day, but if you take care of them, and limit the abuse, you can probably fish with them when your an old man like me. I like Academy rods, but unlike some people, I don't have to have name brand equipment, just serviceable equipment.
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    If you are fishing the surf you'll never know what you are going to catch. If you are using a 30lb mono then you are hoping to catch a big one. In that case you might want to limit your rod choices to a two pieces rod. Most of the surf fishermen I've talked to recommended a one piece rod.

    Academy does have a good selection of Surf Rods from 10' to 12' maybe longer. I picked up three of the baitcaster American Rodsmith Rods. They do come in spinning reel version also since you are not comfy with the baitcast reels according to your previous posts. Check it out you might get to like the feel of it. I attached a link of my ARS. Good luck!

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    where are you fishing Truman or Bagnell?

    first i would reccomend the 10ft king cat supreme retails for 30 dollars, handles up to 40 lb test, and is 2 equal halves. i haven't used one of these yet so i can't tell you much more.

    11 ft beach runner surf rod retails for 80 dollars can handle 4-8 oz and 20-40lb test line. this rod is a dream to cast it has a very crisp action and excellent recovery thats not some thing you'll see from a rod in this price range

    12 ft uglystik retails for roughly 80 dollars maximum. its a catfish stand by the only problem is it cannot cast anything over 5 oz well the tip collapses and you loose distance.

    next but just over your stated price range is the 12ft okuma solaris retails for 90-100 dollars this rod can do everything you want handle 30lb test line,cast up to 8 oz, and breaksdown into 2 pieces. this is a great distance rod and can do stealth work also.

    last but not least is the 12 ft ocean master this maybe more than you're willing to spend. retails for 120 dollars and is nicknamed "the working mans heaver" capable of casting up to 12-16 oz this is a rod that is showing up a lot here. there aren't many fish swimming that this rod can't handle.

    i hope this helps