3 deaths this week : (

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    Well its been a bad week and just got worse. On Wednesday we got the news that Uncle Allen died ( wife's side ). Allen passed away from a heart attack at his home while his wife and sister were there. Allen and his wife Gail just got married 3 weeks ago after being together for 40 years. ( 2 days after his wedding he said he didn't like being married, LOL ) Allen served his country in Vietnam for a few tours and what we just found out a month ago is that he was suppose to receive a Purple Heart for his service...... All these years he never told ANYONE. His wife found the papers hidden away in the attic. When she asked him about it he just said, " I did my part already and I feel I shouldn't to have to ask for it. " He loved his country and was disappointed that the government just forgot about him. What's even sadder is that my wife had been just been in contact with the government, trying her heart out to get him what was his...a Purple Heart. Unfortunately the funeral was in New York so we couldn't go.

    Then this morning I called a friend and got the bad news that our buddy Mark passed away yesterday. Mark was our drinking buddy...best way to describe him I guess. He was one of the first people I met 9 years ago when I moved to South Carolina.
    He was one of those people that you just couldn't help but to love, he always made you feel welcome and took me under his wing. Every time I would see him, the first thing he would always said is, " how's the wife and kids doing? "...... and "where is my dog". Mark was one of those people that were scared to death of PitBulls. He met Jonny ( my dog )and fell in love. At least two times a night he would try to steal my dog ( here come some more tears ), I would go outside to check the dog and sure enough he was in Marks truck, lol. Mark taught me what it really meant to love a friend. Around here, we are close, very close. I had never told my friends that I loved them until I moved here. Now when I leave someone's house I give them a "man hug" and say, " love ya bro see ya tomorrow"

    .......I wish I could see you tomorrow Mark, I love you brother and I will see you on the other side.......-Jimmy Jonny-

    In this same conversation I found out that our friend Bit died of brain cancer. She didn't even know she had it. I hadn't seen her in awhile and and just asked where she was. Bit was the kind of gal that loved hanging with the boys. We all spent many days during the summer hanging around local waterfalls and rivers drinking beer. She was a extremely beautiful girl and we all watched her like a hawk making sure no dirt bags messed with her. When she walked into a room everyone looked at her...she was that pretty.

    ....I will miss your Sis !! All I know is that its your turn to watch over me.....and I know you will, I love you, -Jimmy Jonny-

    Now today I have to find out about funerals. I'm not sure if I have the strength to go honesty. More than likely I will go fishing and pray. They know me and my fishing and that I hate funerals so I'm sure they understand. What I usually do is visit the grave the next day with a few friends. I just don't want my last look at them in a casket.

    Thank you all for listening and do me a favor, let your friends know you love them as I do, you wont regret it !!!

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    Really sorry for your loses, but it sounds like you have some great memories of your friends...........no one can take those from you. Peace.

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    Sorry you have received such rotten news. Sounds like your plate is full. But, you have the memories and they will be yours forever.
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    When you or they are dead, it is final. Your sadness and tears indicate the fact that you knew them and they had meaning in your life. If you had no friends you would have no tears like that.

    I like to think of it as I'll see ya later and then I don't think about how long later is. Just someone you waved at as they pulled out of your driveway and they just keep forgetting to send you a Christmas card. Or maybe the post office just hasn't delivered it yet.

    Other than respect for the living, funerals and weddings really have no meaning. I don't go to them either. Your respects can't be measured in the flowers you send, or the hands you shake, or how many people you tell you are sorry. That is just show.

    Go fishing, go to the grave the next day or whenever and tell them about the day you had. Your time will come and mine. I have told what few friends I have to do the same. They better, by God, or they won't catch another fish. They can come and see Nancy, but I bet you she wishes she were fishing to.

    Sorry for your losses, but I hope the sun is shining and the weather good.

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    Pat Chaney
    Jim: Losing 1 person that you love is tough, but losing 3 has got to be almost too much to take. From experience, I know that no amount of words can sooth the hurt that you're feeling; you will just have to work through this and make sense of it in whatever way makes sense for you. If it's fishing, go fishing. I have found that being outside around water can be very healing, and you can reflect on memories of your loved ones. If anything, those special memories that they created with you is their legacy to you, and they will last you the rest of your life. This was their gift to you. While you mourn their loss, celebrate & cherish what they gave to you.
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    Sorry to hear the bad news Jimmy, you can never prepare for the death of someone close to you. Just keep them alive with memories of all the fun times you had.

    Charlie...hope your doing okay.

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    sorry to hear about this JJ , my familys prayers are with you .
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    Lost Wages
    I think postbeetle said it all. I once lost 3 buddys in 1 day also, hit by a drunk driver. Sorry for the loss but wounds will heal in time.
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    Sorry for your losses Brother! You have my Thoughts and Prayers throughout these rough times. Keep your head up,things have to get better!
  10. willcat

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    verywell put john,couldnt have said it better myself.JJ Just cherish those memories & u will see them again someday!!!
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    Sorry to hear about your losses. Prayers sent from Illinois.
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    I am sorry to hear about your loses. This must be a difficult time for you. Never forget the wonderful memories you shared with each person and charish them always.
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    I'm al a loss for words, I will pray for you and thier family's . Its tough to loose a friend or reletive ,but Its mind boggling to deal with what you are having at the moment.
  14. MRR

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    JJ I can relate as to how you feel I lost 3 good friends in a head on wreck back in 97. They may be gone but not forgotton. Think of them all the time.
    Hang in there the pain will easy some day to some degree but for me never completely
    Don't blame you for not wanting to go see them. It's so much nicer to rememember them as they were .That you'll never forget.So hang in there things has to get better .They say it comes in 3's and you've done had yours.God Bless and PRAYERS SAID!!
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    What doesnt kill you will only make you stronger.......Hang in there it gets worse befor it gets better !Real sorry to hear this.......