3/25/08 Lake Marion report

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  1. Went out to Lake Marion this a.m. Fished from 4am-8 am.caught 7 fish
    1 30+, 1 20lb, and the other 5 were between 7-15 lb. All caught
    in 3'-6' deep w/ cut river herring. water temp 62 deg.Had a couple more really nice fish get off.
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    Saluda, SC
    Santee catman I went out Monday morning and tried the shallow bite as well. I barely caught enuough bait to fish with. Only ended up with 3. 5# channel, 12# blue, and a 22# blue. I had a lot of gar bites, though. I fished anywhere from 3' to 10' of water. The water temp showing on my depth finder was 57.5 deg that morning and ended up around the 60 deg mark @ 1:30 when I left. They still aren't quite right yet, but if this warm spell lasts and the rain doesn't flood us out again it won't be long!!!:cool2:

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    Thats awsome,Mark! Go out and catch a boat load of fish and still be at work on time:wink::smile2:
  4. Yeah, but it does make for tired day:eek:oooh:. Can't wait to get back out there.
    Gonna try early sat am but weather is not looking good.
  5. Went back out to Lake Marion this AM fished from 3:30 -8:30 am.
    Bite was a slower than it was earlier in the week but did manage a few quality fish. Caught 4 blues.. a 25 lb, 21 lb,and (2) 10-12 lbs. All caught in 3-6 feet of water w/ cut herring. water temp was 63 degrees. caught near island 16 in the trees.