3-19 sml

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  1. riverdawg-1

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    salem, va
    hit sml about 4:00 yesterday and fished till dark. got a 7#striper on a shad swim bait. on the way home i stopped to put air in one of my tires and ended up meeting catsnstripers, travis. hope to get back out this evening
  2. CatsNstripers

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    Smith Mountain
    Good report, good fish. Nice meeting you. I was cruising through and seen a fella messing with his tire, then seen the bass america boat. Figured i'd give ya a hand if ya needed it. Pleasure to meet ya aswell.

    I fished in a friend of mine's bass boat, casting the Swamp Monkey. I didnt fish Wed. But we ended up boating 11 stripers and one 4.5lb smallmouth. The stripers varied from 5-12lbs. All casting towards the bank, and most fish came from just a few pops off the bank. Good luck out there!

    Oh yea RiverD, shoulda told ya to come on up to the bowling alley.. I dont bowl. Just drink pitchers of beer and watch my bud's act profess-in-ale!