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2nd place...again!

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Well, my partner and I got 2nd at the tournament last Saturday. That makes about the 8th time I've placed 2nd. We lost by less then 3 lbs.

There were only 15 boats. 215 lbs total fish caught with the top five boats getting 200 lbs.

It was a stormy Saturday morning. The lightening got us to goosy that we got out of the water and under a shelter for a bit. The weather cost us about an hour of decent fishing. After the storm let up, we caught most of our fish by drifting.
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very impressive fishing sir.. someday i would like to try fishin that place, but i live on the mississippi practically. rather hard to go to far from it.

i fished a tourny on saturday as wwell out of camanche.. got 2nd out of 15 as well. got 30.8 pounds out of 18 fish...

what was your limit to turn in? 10? what was big fish? we got big fish with an 8.4 last weekend.. man, cant wait to go tomorrow.
river limit rules, so 30 fish per 2 man boat. The winners had 18 fish and 50.3 lbs. My partner and I had, I believe, about 15 fish for 48.7 lbs. My brother-in-law in another boat caught big fish at about 8.5 lbs.
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