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June 21st. My granddaughter and I left the house at 07:45 for a catfishing trip in my boat. I had to stop for some gas for the boat motor to be sure we had enough for cover a lot of the river. I drove to the Schmidt’s field ramp; it was closed for a construction project. So I decided we would check out the ramp on the west side of Cincinnati. When we got there I was informed the dock was under water! The only other spot I could think of at that time was up to New Richmond’s dock. After a 25 minute drive we did get to the ramp and the dock was o.k.! We finally got the boat in the river around 10:00. I headed the boat up river on the Ky. Side look for the California ramp. The current was stronger than I had expected but the temperature was nice and slight breeze mad it pleasant on the water.

I had the fish finder on the whole time on 15-18 feet deep and NO fish being marked. I finally stopped the boat and dropped the anchor to get our lines in the water. We had 4 rod out with 4 different baits, shrimp, cut skipjack dead creek chub and seasoned chicken breast. After 25 minutes we pull in the lines, not one bite. I got the anchor up and headed across to the Ohio side.

We motored on down river to the old dam area marked 1 small fish after checking the dam over twice. I then fired up the boat to go down to the power plant. Once again I had problem with the anchor not grabbing but finally it held. We fished here as we did up river with the same results, NO bites. I went to lift the anchor it was hung up on a cable and was not able to free it; I had to cut the rope. So we called it a day at 12:25 and head back up river to the ramp. My granddaughter and I did have a good day weather wise to be on the river and it was great to share time with each other, just a shame we did not have any action. Hopefully the next time we go she will land a good size catfish.

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