25hp johnson/jackplate

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    gonna be fabricating a jackplate here soon to mount my longshaft 25hp johnson on my short transom boat. im thinking about going with a homemade version of the parts below in the pic. i can get that material at a local scrap yard for $1.28lb. the pcs would mount on the transom and i would bolt the motor onto these pcs. only problem is there is only 1 hole on each foot on the motor to run a bolt through. will one bolt on each foot be good enough, and when tight would the aluminum casting be strong enough to handle the torque? dont want it snapping off and sinking in the river:D

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    Why not spread them wide enough to put wood in between them?

    Be careful on how wide they are. This jack plate will let your motor lever against your transom while trailering.

    The stock material your showing does look like it'll handle the motor, but then I'm looking at pics with no measurements.

    With wood, you'd have a good bite from the mounting screws and the bolt holes