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    Hi Folks,
    This some info you need to know:angry:

    Georgia House of Representatives Took Your Land Conservation Funding!
    </SPAN>Take action and ask the Senate to restore it today!</SPAN>

    The ISSUE</SPAN>

    In his 2009 proposed budget, Governor Perdue requested $35 million for the state's land conservation program. Unfortunately, the Georgia House of Representatives removed $25 million from our much needed land conservation funding from the FY2009 budget to only $10 million. As the Senate will consider this budget soon, it is imperative that our senators restore the $25 million back to the full recommended $35 million for the Georgia Land Conservation Program. This money is needed to secure more land, the primary asset benefiting hunters, anglers and all Georgians.</SPAN>

    Not restoring this funding will undercut ongoing conservation planning and could discourage local governments from initiating their own local conservation actions Supporting the replacement of $25 million will restore hope for the Land Conservation Program and give local governments and conservation organizations a tool to help conserve vital wildlife habitat and provide future generations of Georgians hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities.</SPAN>

    Hunting and Fishing are thriving industries in our state, generating millions of dollars in our local economies. Without land and water for hunting, fishing, boating, camping and hiking and clean rivers for fishing, this booming economy will undoubtedly suffer.</SPAN>

    Strongly urge your state senators and all state legislators and leadership to restore the full $35 million allocation to the 2009 budget.</SPAN>

    Action Needed: </SPAN>Tell your Senator and other state leadership to help protect our natural heritage, our hunting and fishing opportunities and recreational areas by restoring the full $35 million recommended by Governor Perdue to the FY09 budget. </SPAN>

    [​IMG] Contact your Senator </SPAN>and remind other state leaders today! </SPAN>Your message will automatically be sent to your Senator and your Representative in addition to the following state leaders when you take action below: </SPAN>

    Governor Sonny Perdue
    Lt. Governor Casey Cagle
    </SPAN>House Speaker Glenn Richardson
    </SPAN>House and Senate Appropriations Committee Members

    [​IMG]Please take action by Wednesday, April 02, 2008.

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    A Call to Action for Georgia Sportsmen: STOP the Contract

    Write to
    and copy me on your email at
    Georgia’s DNR has signed a contract that fires all of the current 1,100 or so vendors who sell hunting and fishing license and places that task in the hands of one single source — Central Bank — to handle all license sales by either internet or phone. (There is a plan that Central Bank would offer some of the larger license sellers the opportunity to set up a computer on a counter top and “sell” license over the counter in those select spots.)
    The plan has numerous flaws:
    • The cost to buy licenses online skyrockets under Central Bank, while WRD currently sells licenses over the Internet at no additional cost.
    • Under WRD’s new plan, your personal information becomes public. Right now it is private. Want to sign up for junk mail or let criminal know which house has guns? Just buy a license.
    • It was done in secrecy, against WRD and DNR rules. They have hearings for everything else, but not a word about this one. Why did they not want to hear from us on this? Don’t you think they should hear from us now?
    • It cuts customer service and increases cost. You can buy a license in fewer places at a higher price. Maybe that is why they didn’t want to hear from us.
    This is a bad deal for Georgia. It should be stopped. And it can be stopped… simply.
    DNR has the authority to cancel that contract.
    The following is quoted from the contract.
    “DNR reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for any reason 30 days after providing written notice of termination to the Contractor.” (Central Bank)
    To get it stopped, Georgia’s sportsmen must speak.
    You have a representative on the DNR Board. All of the board members and their contact information are listed on the GON website:
    Pick one near you and remember that the “At Large” members represent us all.
    If you think it needs to be stopped and sportsmen allowed to participate in any decision going forward, say so.
    If you think this is a WRD license plan that should be supported, tell them that as well.
    Please read the information included here and then let the decision makers know if you support or oppose the decision they have made. Additionally, please post your activity and results to the GON forum so we can keep track of the effort.
    I will be at the DNR Board Meeting April 22 to speak on this issue. Come speak with me or against me. If you can’t come, send me your copy of the contact you made with the DNR Board and I will show it to the whole board.
    Steve Burch
    Georgia Outdoor News
    PS - I've included the current GON editorial below. Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to make their voices heard on this issue.
    You can stop this license mess. I ask that you just make a call.
    If, like me, you are unhappy with the plan and contract our wildlife leaders cooked up in secret to fire license sellers and charge us more for a license, then you would be interested in how sportsmen can stop it.
    The issues I have with WRD and DNR and this contract are privacy, transparency, and service.
    If sportsmen want to fix these issues badly enough, we can fix them.
    For a long time, I have said that the only way sportsmen will change things for the better is to stop asking one question and start asking another.
    We must stop asking... “Why is WRD doing that?”
    We must start viewing WRD as an extension of us and begin to ask, “Why are we sportsmen... doing that?”
    The way the question is asked changes the center of power.
    The first question gives the power to the state. That is un-American.
    The second question gives the power and the responsibility to us. I think we must reclaim our place at the decision-making table.
    As I see it, WRD’s contract creates a huge privacy issue. According to WRD sources, your personal information will no longer be private. It becomes public information.
    Each of us, all of us, who buy a license, will be placed on a list that the world can access for free. If you want to sign-up for more junk mail, just buy a hunting or fishing license.
    If you were a thief and wanted to steal long guns, don’t you think a list like this would help you target which houses had guns?
    DNR did not ask us if it were ok for them to change the privacy rules, but they should have asked. I do not want my privacy revoked in this area and I see no benefit to me or to the state for this important change. I want my privacy restored. Stop the contract.
    That brings me to transparency. WRD has been negotiating this proposal for more than a year, yet no one else had a chance to comment on the plan. Clearly WRD does not consider either sportsmen or license vendors are part of their team. They need to understand that they don’t get to pick the team. They work for us. This same WRD logic that says only their favorites can be on their team was used to deny me a seat on the panel that is working on urban deer management.
    But sportsmen have not seen anything about that plan as yet. Transparency is an issue at WRD.
    Bring this issue out where sportsmen can see it. Stop the contract.
    Next is the issue of no-service.
    How is it that an agency can decide that one-third of the counties in Georgia will have no license vendor? Where is the service in that?
    How many other counties will have only one place to buy a license? In a world where convenience is key, how does this agency decide to cut the license vendors from 1,100 down to the top 20 percent of places now selling licenses?
    Why should only the high-volume license sellers be able to provide a service that is Internet based?
    And finally, why is increasing the cost of acquiring ALL licenses not worth having at least one public hearing in the state? They had hearings about going to stripers from hybrids in three lakes. They had hearings about changing the boundaries on Cedar Creek WMA. But no hearings on this license issue. Why? Did they not want to hear what we thought about it?
    So, how do we stop it? As it turns out, there is a cancellation clause in the contract. It reads...
    “DNR reserves the right to terminate this Agreement (the contract) for any reason 30 days after providing written notice of termination to the Contractor.”
    DNR Commissioner Noel Holcomb signed the contract and he can ensign it as easily.
    Ask Mr. Holcomb to terminate this contract and reinstate the procedures of DNR to address your concerns about your privacy, about DNR transparency, and about serving sportsmen. DNR can be contacted at (404) 656-3500. If that number is busy, WRD can be contacted at (770) 918-6400.

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    Come on folks
    its your money
    You gonna let it slide
    come on write em
    25,000,000.00 is alot of money:eek:oooh:
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    Interesting stuff thanks for sharing this with us