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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Jammer, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Jammer

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    I finally got my 25 hp Johnson back together. It's been in baskets for about 3 years. Hooked it up and it started on the third pull. I rebuilt the lower unit and I want to get a new prop. My question is which is best for me 9, 10 or 11 inch pitch. I have cold plugs in now because I mostly ran it on 10 mph lakes, but I have a small motor for that, so I was thinking on putting in hotter plugs and try to get some more speed for larger lakes. What do you think would be best?
    Thanks for all the help you provide. Jerry
  2. Bigjonrigger

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    Stick with factory plugs. A hotter plug will not give you more power or speed. You just run the risk of damaging the engine.

  3. Duckpoor

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    We have been friends with 25 OMC's for many years . Our horse power restricted Lakes keep us from "powering" up like everyone likes to do when you get a new one.
    Your question on the prop is gonna be difficult with out a little more info.
    I believe the 25 Evinrudes and Johnsons come/came with a 13 pitch.
    Good for the regular ole Fishing boat. I would say, light load and upto 16-17 foot Jon Boat for eaxmple. Ya load her up with Folks and Gear and you might be happier with an 11 pitch to let that motor run a little closer to the RPM's needed to make power.
    If your pushing a Barge with tons of waterfowl gear and the other stuff, ( it takes a lot of stuff to Kill a Duck) ..LOL maybe a 9 ..
    I keep a 13 and and 11.. 13 for summer ..fishing trim and 11 for winter.. hunting trim. (we run 17 and 19 foot roughnecks)

    Generally one heat range hotter works out pretty good for most folks.
    An Extented Wide open throttle session on a hot day could cause some grief ..but a bunch of non typical things would have to gang up for it to be a problem.
    I like extra oil in the mix and we do a lot of low speed ..No wake, trolling , decoy picking up type of work and they are perfect for us.

    I might suggest if your wanting to try a pair...
    Run a fresh set on your next trip, screw them out when you get home and "Read" them..
    Black nasty and oooie gooie.. = hotter.
    Toasted, dry and even blistered.. cooler.. SOON . that can get expensive.
    Fairly dry and a nice Black/tan burn is what ya want.

    Sorry to be so long winded.. I get excited talking motors..:wink:

    Good luck and get after them.
  4. Jammer

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    Thanks for your response, I don't consider my boat a barge but it is heavy. It' a 14 ft Struery, fiberglass. I have it loaded with stuff but there is usually only two of us fishing. Most of the weight is in the back. The plugs, I was told, are a little colder than factory.