25 Garage Sales and Nothing

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Doyle, May 5, 2006.

  1. Doyle

    Doyle New Member

    I followed my wife through 25 garage sales today at our community garage sale day and I didn’t find one fishing pole, fishing box or boat. Tons of kids stuff, clothes, and stuffed animals. Few tools, my kind of books or computer games were at the sales. GarageSaleing was kind of like my fishing here lately; I went but didn’t do much catching. I guess it was fun though. My wife takes the map of the town and plans out her route for the week end. This is serious planning for her. I set in the passenger seat and hang on.
  2. IL Hunter

    IL Hunter New Member

    Normal, IL
    It seems like people are mostle after kids clothes and stuff at garage sales these days.

  3. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Good luck in your adventures.

    I enjoy going with the wife, can usually find at least one thing that you dont need but must have at each one. LMAO

    Have gotten some good deals on tackle and gold clubs before though.
  4. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special New Member

    Ebay is making good buys at yard sales harder and harder to come by. What makes me mad is to see one advertised in the paper as a HUGE multi party sale and when we get there, they have almost nothing.

    My wife saves up stuff and has one once a year. Hers is a big one, but you're not likely to find much of my stuff in it. I buy my stuff because I need it and usually keep it until it's no longer useable.
  5. keithcatfish

    keithcatfish New Member

    Maryville, TN
    Garage sales are full of kids' stuff because kids outgrow clothes and strollers but you never outgrow your love of fishing.
  6. screen

    screen New Member

    Sterling, Illinois
    Doyle! Tell your wife to head to Rock Falls, IL this weekend! Over 200 city wide sales! My wife and daughters are all set and the paper had a big full page map to go by!
  7. sgt_rob

    sgt_rob Member

    Bossier City, LA
    I picked up a couple of, gulp, hard back Bill Dance books for my son this morning for a dollar. He is a B@ss freak. I rarely see fishing equipment in a garage sale around here.
  8. confederate

    confederate New Member

    Doyle don't forget to keep a close eye on things you can use to make bait store bait or tackle, storage containers, blenders food processors etc.....Have fun and remember: Get in Sit down Shut up and HANG ON....
  9. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    My favorite is to see "Lot's of fishing equipment" you get there early and see 4 rods, one reel, and a tackle box with 10 hooks, and a dozen split shots in it. You ask where all the rest is, and they say "that's it".

    I have a friend who seems to find the right ones, he got 4 rod and reel combo's for $10 one day last year, and enough hooks and weights to last him 5 years. I on the other hand never get so lucky.

  10. waterwalker

    waterwalker New Member

    Louisville Ohio
    My wife is a garage sale junkie, I have gone with her in the past, but these days I let her go alone. Christ the last time we put a hundred miles
    on the car for $20 of things we couldn't live without. She is a good shopper
    and always bring any fishing equipment she sees...that's why I have 20
    fishing rods...LOL. I suppose the funniest time when she went yard saleing
    was when she brought home a trunk full of rocks...she is also a rock
  11. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special New Member

    We went yard saleing yesterday. My wife saw a big bag with $1.00 marked on it and opened it up and there was an old camcorder in it. She asked if it worked and the woman said it worked good. It was just one of the old big ones and they didn't use it any more. My wife looked over at me and I told her there wasn't a chance in hell that it worked, but for a dollar, go ahead and buy it anyway. We got home and I pulled it out of the bag and reached in for a little plastic bag that I thought contained the accessories. It didn't. There was no charger, cables, or anything else that went with it, but there was a Sony 8mm camcorder in the plastic bag. It had the charger and battery too. I charged it up and it appears to be in good working order. I'll get a tape for it today and try it out.

    As for the big one. I ain't gonna buy a charger just to find out if it works, so I guess it will go on ebay.
  12. lawnman61

    lawnman61 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    We went to some yesterday but I never find anything that I need but the wife found a nice china hutch at a moving sale and bought it for $30 and needs minor repairs, it's not an antique but the wood is in great condition and worth a whole lot more than $30. I'm always looking for fishing gear or tools but hardly ever find any.
    When we have a garage sale next month, I will have several fishing items for sale and they won't last long in my sale.
  13. squirtspop

    squirtspop New Member

    Glencoe, Arkansas
    I was helping a fishing buddy last year who does carpet cleaning and the house we were going to clean the people were in the process of moving. They were sitting up a yard sale to get rid of stuff so they wouldn't have to pack and move it. I found a WalMart bag full of all sorts of plastics. Worms of all colors, lizards, crawdads, etc. I asked him how much for this? Give me a buck he says. No problem here. Didn't have any other fishing stuff tho.
  14. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Was this in cofeen by chance?? When I lived in butler we would go to coffeen to the whole town yard sale was kinda cool.
  15. bubbajum

    bubbajum New Member

    Well I did pretty good the other day, got a $20 4 sided wood rasp Craftsman brand new in package for $3....used it already.

    Went to a flea market last Sunday after noon must have been 50 rods I saw, some new with new prices some old junk with a actions like a wet noodle. And then there was this nice brand new Diawa for $10 that I looked at, I had $11 left in my pocket and half the market to look at so I passed. Then I started thinking that rod might be overpriced, it looked good but the way I am I have to investigate. I come home and got on the net, well that rod is a $30 rod...a week later and still kicking my self in the butt, win some lose some ended up getting one off of ebay for $10.01 plus shipping $9.80