25 F Cold but Fun

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    :tounge_out: Hey whats up guys! I just wanted to write about my fishing trip today it was a good one! A guy that had a old 1972 fishing boat for sale came down to good old KY today he wanted 650 for it but the motor needs work so I got it from him for 300bucks! I guess anything that floats is worth that lol but it is a 15 in a half footer and it took us a bit but we got it to run! The temp was 25 outside the coldest that I have ever fished in be4 but man o man did I feel like a real fishermen! We where out on the barren river witch as far as I know a catfish has never came out of but hey, what the heck huh. lol So we found this little cove and it hit both of our eyes as we went to drive by it in the boat so we stop at it and went in slow with the boat. We saw what looked like a 2 foot long 30 pound brown fish come up to the top of the water! Still have no idea what it was but we made our minds up we where going to find out! So after 30mins of no luck we thought we would try our hands out with the net maybe we can catch some bait fish for some big cats! so we tossed it out and BOOM the net was so full it was hard to pull back in! (Ill put up a pic on my profile of all the bait fish we cought) So we tossed it out 2 more times and the same thing! tons and I mean tons! so then we when back out to the river and got the big poles out, tossed some shad on and waited. Then some kids came down by the bank where we were fishing from our boat tied off and we helped them start a fire to get warm! Boy o Boy that fire was great remember the temp was 25!!! The boys never had been on a boat be4 so we took them up river just a bit and they were all smiles! I can remember my first time out on a boat it was a blast so I know they had to feel the same way! We came back tossed the pole back out and BOOM we didnt catch anything! lol no big cats but we sure can say we tried. All in all a fun day and we got a ton of shad! and I got a old boat lol one day when I get something to put it with my dream is to take it up to the Ohio River, I hear thats where the big cats are! well guys im on my way and I hope you liked my fishing stoy. Even tho we did get any Big fish I had a blast. I guess I just love to fish, ohhh and the whole time both of our cell phones were ringing from our wife wanting us to come home lol I guess thats the way it goes!!:big_smile:
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    Thanks for the report and story, hopefully you'll get that big cat next time!

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    Some of my best days out were skunk days. It makes the next fish even better. Great story!
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    Chris, Thanks for the story, I just wonder what those big fish were? Good luck with your boat, I wish you all the luck! Take-Care, Tim
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    Great story.To be honest it's a blast for me to take kids fishing or camping.Them boys will remember that for the rest of there lives.Glad you got the boat and had the wisdom to take them for a ride.It will be fun to set her up the way you want to fish.Be sure to give her a name.
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    Great Story and thanks for sharing that with us. I have a few all nighters my self and at that time it is miserable and painful down to the bone cold with chills. The wx man said it was only going to be in the middle 50's which I can handle however it got on down in the mid to low 40's. Wet, cold and not prepared. Had a small fire going but was just not enough to generate some good heat. The fish were not biting at all. Skunked completely. Gar was tearing us up and was going thru the bream bait as fast as we could put it on. lol......

    Now that I look back it was a great time and fun.... and can laugh about it. Those children will love the memories of a life time. Even if there was no catch they will cherish it for life. I wish that I could go back in time and have learned to fish when my kids were smaller. I have only been fishing now for about 2 yrs. Now that I am retired and come across a nice little boat to get the job done I look back at all that I missed.

    Good luck on your next adventure.