2010 Sturgeon Fishing Report Cards

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    The Sturgeon Fishing Report Card for 2010 has been revised such that:

    (1) you check a box if you never fished for sturgeon

    (2) you write down the disk-tag number of any previously-tagged sturgeon you catch

    (3) additional location codes are included

    (4) the slot limit is listed.

    The first three are (of course) intended to get better information on the sturgeon population and fishery.

    The first revision distinguishes a year-long skunk from no effort. The second revision improves the estimates of annual abundance, harvest rate, and survival rate. The third revision is self-explanatory. The fourth revision is to address comments from many anglers.

    Here is a link to what a disk-tag looks like:


    Here is a link to a directory with a huge amount of good sturgeon (and striped bass) literature, including Cruise Reports for our tagging studies and reports on Sturgeon Fishing Report Card data.

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