2009 Rend Lake Gathering

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    2009 Rend Lake Gathering

    When: June 13th, 2009 10AM-7PM + Night Fish (IL Free Fishing Weekend)

    Where: Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, Park Shelter #3 (same as last year)

    What: Gathering of BOC and non-BOC/Future BOC Members! Many will be camping during the entire weekend out there or even longer. During a gathering, meet new friends and develop life-long friendships and future fishing buddies. Learn new fishing techniques and tactics at targeting catfish species. Read some maps and learn those secret spots some would kill for! It will be a potluck lunch/dinner at 3PM, so bring a dish!

    Why: Friends, Food, and Fishing of course! Also will have door prizes and raffling on some nice prizes!

    Flier Advertisement:
    Here is the advertising flier link:http://webpages.charter.net/dwhupp/F...ke%20Flier.JPG
    Feel free to print out and post around your town to draw in more people!

    Shirt Orders:
    This years shirt will be same quality as last years. It will be a black shirt with yellow/gold color ink. Cost is $15/shirt. Please send pm to bwhupp and include number of shirts and sizes. The shirts run a size SMALL. They are 50/50 blend shirts so they do not shrink either. Money must be received no later than MAY 1!

    1) Tunnel Hull -sent pm
    2) Rivercatjon - sent pm
    3) Garry Eads - Order Confirmed, Money Received
    4) Alands - order confirmed
    5) Dennis Hupp - order confirmed, Money Received

    Projected Attendance:

    1) The Hupp's
    2) The Furry's
    3) The Wessling's
    4) The Land's
    5) Garry Eads and Roy the Anchor
    6) Mickey
    7) Jake Nagel aka jnagel
    8) Travis aka "riverrat85" and friends
    9) Paul "Lil Kat" and family
    10) Wes aka "raiderfan"
    11) Steve aka "tunnel hull"
    12) Jon V Adams aka rivercatjon
    13) Josh aka Gringoloco and wife
    14) Charlies aka catinaldatime and family
    15) Eric aka skeezaveli
    16) Brent Keele
    17) Dan the Fisherman and family
    18) Kojak and boys
    19) Wanda Barner
    20) Tonto and BethAnn
    21) Ann Rieff and family
    22) Hock Paul and family

    Last Years Group Photo:

    Want to help? Send me a PM!
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    Fellas.. if I do not get more shirt orders, I am not going to run them. I need the money before I confirm you have one. Not getting stuck like last year. :eek:oooh: