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    South East Iowa
    I have been on vacation for the past week and what a week it was. Spent lots of time in the timber taking it all in and just relaxing. Monday and Tuesday I just went in when ever I felt like it and stayed as long as I could. Wednesday morning I was in the stand at 5:30. Around 6:45 or so I heard a rather loud grunt. I looked to my right and saw a buck chasing a doe. The doe jumped the fence and ran into a small section of multi floral rose. The buck jumped the fence and shot right past her by at least 40 yards. By this time I was standing up in the stand, bow in hand and was starting to get excited. I could tell right away that this buck was a shooter for me. I refuse to shoot anything smaller then I have already shot...that's just me. The buck stopped and turned around a was looking for the doe. She had stood up in the bushes and had her tail in the air. As I glanced back towards to the buck I looked for a good shooting lane and found one. All he had to do is come back to his sweetheart and I could ruin his day. Slowly he started back to her. Thankfuly she stayed right where she was. As he got closer to my shooting lane I drew the bow back then took another look at the lane for twigs and stuff. I found a twig that was in my line of sight so I had to adjust my position in the stand. He stepped into my shooting lane and for some reason quartered away from me. I couldn't believe it. I lined up my 30 yard pin on him. I had forgot all about the lum-a-nock on my arrow untill I release it. I watched the arrow fly with it's knock lit up like an afterburner. TWHACK! He jumped and took off running. He stopped 25 yards away from where he was, had a what the hell was that moment then starded to stumble around like he was drunk. Finally he stood up on his hind legs and laid down for a long cold nap. That's when it finally hit me and I was glad to be strapped in to my tree. I was shaking bad. I MEAN BAD!!! I sat down and took a deep breath and thanked the Lord for a swift, clean kill. I grabbed my range finder and checked the yardage of my shot. 25 yards on the nose. When I got my senses back I climbed down and went to get the arrow, found that with no problem and then went to the buck. He is the biggest one that I have ever shot. He's not a monster by anymeans but he is my trophy. He is an 8 point with battle damage on his right side G3, it was broke off at about 4 inches. His G2's and left side G3 are all 9 inches tall.

    I'll have me some jerky tomorrow. the rest of him is all ground up and going to be made into summer sausage and deer sticks.

    This is by far my largest buck ever and the second buck I have ever shot with a bow. I've past up allot of small bucks in the past years including a small 6 piont that was less then 10 yards away a couple weeks ago.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Awesome post/buck bro... Congrats man... Rut is in full swing, but this weather and the corn being in seems to be throwing off a lot of the hunters I have been talking to around here...

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    heck ya Phil!! WTG!! nice buck for sure. Hoping to do the same back here!! seen some nice buck on the trail cam, but all at nighttime. damn corn is still in the fields back here. rutting at night.
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    Beautiful buck, & a great story! I'd have been shaking like crazy too. Thanks for sharing the story & the pictures with us.
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    hell yes that's a dam fine deer. Congrats bro!!!!
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    Thank you very much!
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    Thats a real nice one. Congrats. I know what you mean by the shakes. You can't really describe it, especially not to someone who doesn't bow hunt... but its why we do it. Congratulations on your trophy.
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    nice deer brother, glad to see you slammed one...
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    great looking buck there Phil. congrats.