2008 Lake Wylie Tournament Results

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  1. WylieCat

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    2008 Lake Wylie Tournament

    Dense fog and zero visibility forced the teams to motor slowly to their first fishing spots in the pre-dawn hours of the first Carolina Catfish Club tournament of 2008 on Lake Wylie. Temperatures were a cool 37 degrees at the start of the event, but by 10:00am the fog had burned away and the anglers were greeted with clear sky's and highs around 70 degrees.

    This was the first event in the Carolinas in which jugger's were allowed to fish. All anglers chose to fish with rod and reel. Nine members turned out to fish the event. This was the first year that we have had a TWO FISH limit.

    Cary Vanden Broecke, Billfish76, remained on his winning streak and teamed up with Matt Barrett to win the first club event of the 2008. The team brought two nice fish to the scales that weighed in at a whopping 53 pounds. They also took big fish with a 33 pound blue catfish that they caught less than 30 minutes after getting lines in the water.

    Rob McHenry, shrewboy, teamed up with new CCC member Lindsay Bigham, BigBird, to take second place at 14.6 pounds with some nice channel catfish. No other teams brought large blue to the scales, but all competitors caught good channel cats in the 6-7 pound range both drifting and anchoring.

    2008 Points Standings After One Event

    1st Place: Cary Vanden Broecke/ Matt Barrett- 12 points

    2nd Place: Rob McHenry / Lindsay Bigham -8 points

    3rd Place: Rodger Taylor - 6 points

    4th Place: Dieter Melhorn / Mac Byrum- 4 points

    5th Place: Jeff Manning - 2 points

    6th Place: Glenn - 2 points
  2. billfish76

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    Rock Hill, SC
    The fog made things interesting for running up the lake this morning. We anchored up and had a bass guy almost run into us running along the bank at full speed. After that we caught our big fish. We caught the other drifting and released another in the low teens. It turned out to be a great day to be on the water, and we were in the right place at the right time.

    Congrats to Ron and Lyndsay on their fish.

  3. martygreen

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    Rock Hill,S.C.
    Congrats Cary and Matt on the win and Big Fish,that was a nice 2 fish weigh in.
  4. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    <that was a nice 2 fish weigh in..


    < We anchored up and had a bass guy almost run into us running along the bank at full speed>

    Absurd! Wow, the audacity and mentality of some folks... I too was on the water early this morning, and there was NO WAY for safe navigation at high speeds, with the fog. If I live to be 200...
    BB in SC
  5. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    Congratulations Cary!

    That's impressive.

    That's probably the biggest 2 fish weigh in in history.

  6. BigBird

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    Charlotte, NC
    Congrats Cary and Matt,
    Matt good to meet you today.
    It was also good to meet Glenn (Seaark) and Jeff (Jeff I forgot your screen name-PM me).
    I learned alot today, as I always do fishing these events.
    Rob (Shrewboy)-enjoyed fishing with you.

  7. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Prior to the tournament, I informed Cary (billfish) that he would have to wing it with some real fish today, not a lucky fish like his 64 pounder that he and Matt got a while back. Well, Cary and Matthew made me eats my words with a 33 and 20 pound haul of blues. That my friends is an example of picking out the right site to anchor in, having the right bait and equipment to finish the job. Excellent jobs guys, real proud of you.

    Last but not least, Shrewboy (Rob) and his partner Big Bird (Lindsay) came in second with a nice stringer of channel cats. I believe it was their first time on Wylie. Way to go fellows. Now we have to watch out for Shrewboy when we get to Mtn. Island Lake, his home lake.

    Three new members joined the Carolina Catfish Club yesterday and comments will be made about them on an additional thread.

    As usual, I enjoyed myself, fishing with WylieCat, and getting to see the guys in action in a friendly tournament.
  8. mudkip

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    Nice job everybody at the tournament today. It was wide open for anyone to win with the 2 fish format. Excuse me--I mean fight it out for 2nd place. The 2 fish format really does level the playing field. There were some of the biggest channel cats of the season brought in yesterday. As usual the guys who find the bruiser blues had the field covered. It just goes to show that most of the teams in the tournament were equally prepared and had decent tournament strategy. I am excited about going to Mtn Island. Can Matt and Cary be stopped??:smile2:
  9. WylieCat

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    "....Can Matt and Cary be stopped??...."

    That's one of the good things about a points race based on points per position instead of total weight. There will probably be three teams in the running at the final event on Badin if they fish all of the events.
  10. bowler man

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    i want to thank the ccc for the tourneys and the fine work you fellows do . i really enjoy the club tourneys because they are about fun, pride and fellowship and not about the money. i used to bowl in the pba (professional bowling tour) and the reason i dont do it as much anymore is because when money was the only motive for it , it turned into egos and attitudes and the fun was gone. thanks again and congrats to matt and cary. thanks again dieter, and i enjoyed meeting all you fellows and i will see you at the mt.
  11. WylieCat

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    Bowler man, and others, if you are not getting my e-mails concerning the Carolina Catfish Club please PM me with your e-mail address.
  12. seaark

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    North Carolina
    It sure was nice meeting all of you. I had a great time fishing the tourny except for trying to navigate through that fog and dealing with all the bass guys flying by me. Congrats to billfish76 and his partner! Two nice blues. One more thing. A word of advise to everyone!! If you fish tournys, make sure to bring fish with you back to the weigh-in. You never know what everyone else has caught. That is twice I have made the same mistake:embarassed:. NOT AGAIN!!
  13. WylieCat

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    Very good point SeaArk!!

    NO MATTER HOW SMALL, and no matter how big you think the other fish will be, ALWAYS, always, get your limit before you start throwing fish back.

    and myself came to the scales with four fish in a five fish tournament that may have weighed 20 pounds. If we would have had one more fish we would have WON! :eek:oooh:

    Some days it is bad for everyone, and a limit of small fish might put you in the money.

    SeaArk we enjoyed having you come out and fish. I think you will be able to compete without a problem on all of the lakes we fish. :wink: