2007 Annual Report

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    Eric Maurer
    Although Management (my wife) seemed to think that Labor (me) was somewhat lacking in output around the Corporate Headquarters (home), there were no serious disagreements, I got out fishing 121 days, and didn't get fired by the current Management (you know what that is).

    Overview: I had a wonderful fishing year! I did something right for a change and joined the BOC, and that made the year much more enjoyable. I found that I was learning new things and sharing what I know at unbelievable rates, and I want to thank everyone for their posts, reports, and support!

    We're going to skip the financial report (I call it retired - Management calls it unemployed) and move right into the production report.

    -Last year I caught 1051 blue catfish - 84lbs and 78 lbs were the biggest. Of those catfish, 20% were under 5 lbs, 40% from 5 to 10 lbs, 30% 10 to 15lbs, and 10% over 15 lbs. My best guess on total catfish weight is 5 tons (10,000+lbs) with all but a few released.
    -I caught over 350 bass - largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted, with my best day yielding 102 bass boated followed by a couple of days of 50+. Bloody hands from lipping bass! What a hoot!
    -I caught 4 new Tennessee Angler Recognition Program trophy species - striped bass, rainbow trout, freshwater drum, and black crappie.
    -There were 55 TARP fish added to my total, which now stands at 151.
    -In-Fisherman awarded me 4 new Master Angler patches.
    -New personal bests: 43" striped bass, 26-1/2"rainbow trout (9lbs), 84 lb blue catfish (55"), 5-1/2 lb largemouth, 4 lb smallmouth, 14" black crappie, 11" shellcracker (tie), and a 32" channel cat (tie)
    -Set the IGFA world Line class record for 130 lb line with the 84 lb blue catfish
    -Set the IGFA Tennesse state line class records for rainbow trout 3 times
    -Caught 2 spinning rods, a 22 lb stump, and a significant waterlogged tree (not weighed or measured)
    -Went swimming twice (in two days)!

    Conclusion: An excellent year (thank you BOC!), no major expenses (that were reported to management), Labor is satisfied with production, Management is not entirely unhappy with Labor, and the Corporate Headquarters is in decent shape, although there seem to be a number of minor projects that Management is insisting that Labor will complete in the near future.

    -----End of Report 2007----
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    Outstanding year Eric, going fishing 121 days in a yr. sounds great. I bet you didn't get to relax much though, because you were catching so many fish! Congratulations again, and good luck fishin' this year.

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    Wow Eric! You the Man! :worship::worship::worship::worship::worship: Congrats on the awesome 2007! :cool2: