2006 Catfishing stories and highlights

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    I wanna hear what my fellow illinoisians are doing the season...

    We went to pontiac yesterday and we all (like 6 of us, a caravan of teens...lol) wanted some minnows or something for bait... well we broke down and forced my friend chris and his brother neil to jump into the vermillion and try to net some small bait fish. Neil, being a genius didnt want his cloths wet, so he stripped down to is boxers (next to the pontiac jail no less..LOL!). Then we had to break the news the he shouldnt go in with out shoes b/c of all the hooks and junk. so when I was watching the poles for everyone, he snuck to my car and stole my cowboy boots and hopped in. after a couple swipes they caught nothing but laughter as neil walked out of the water in boxers and cowboy boots... If only I had a camera..LOL!