20 lb channels in Mississippi?

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    During a discussion with our local DNR fisheries biologist, he made a comment that generally channel cats don't get up to 20 lb in the Mississippi. I find that hard to believe since the Red River in ND has piles of them. I've seen (and caught) quite a few 10-15 lb fish so I find it hard to believe they just stop growing or die off before hitting 20. Does anybody consistently catch big channels on the river?

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    Very good question! I can't speak for the ssippi, however in 20 years of fishing Central Iowa Rivers I have seen one 17lb Channel, and one 23lb channel caught.....

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    i dont know abound around here but down i n illinois my borther fishes a dam down there and he pulls 15-35IB channeles out of there i think they really do get bigger but i think that a channel cat is alot less agressive aganist the bait when they get that bigand besides you probably have to leave the bait sit awhile but you probably cant leave it long enough because the small ones bite first
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    largest channel I have personalley caught in the sippi is 17lbs so I think there is bigger....
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    I think there are a couple of things to remember when it comes to Channel Cats up north.

    The ones in the red probably don't get near as much fishing pressure over all. Yes there is some up by Drayton and points north. However over all there are not many people that catch and eat the smaller channels. Leaving a large base to grow those big cats.

    Also I don't think they have as much competitition for food up here. Mississippi they have both flatheads and blues that get as big or bigger than channels. And while there are flats in the red, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone catching a blue. And I'm not sure how many 20+ flatheads there are up here in the Red. And I really don't think they compete enough for food to have an impact.

    The Red has got a lot of wild, undeveloped, lightly fished water. As a result there are a good population of large catfish. Hopefully most of those big ones are CPR'd so they will be there next year for someone else to find.

    I have to admit, I was browsing through the BOC hall of fame, and was shocked to find that under 20# channel was listed as the biggest several states.

    Or maybe none of the above is true and we just raise em big up here. :)
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    very interesting. I am guessing there are some channel catfish larger than 20 pounds in the mississippi, however the biologists generalized the point and his point "assumed" the average large speciman.